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Diego de Velázquez (vəlăs´kwĬz, Span. dyā´gō dā vāläth´kāth), c.1460–1524?, Spanish conquistador, first governor of Cuba, b. Cuéllar, Spain. He sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage (1493) to Hispaniola and in 1511 commanded an expedition sent by Diego Columbus to conquer Cuba. Landing at Baracoa, where he established the seat of government, by 1514 he had completed occupation of the island with the aid of his friend and chief lieutenant, Pánfilo de Narváez. Velázquez continued the colonization of Cuba and founded many of its principal towns. Before he sailed for Cuba, there had been ill feeling between him and Diego Columbus; soon after conquering Cuba, Velázquez established himself as governor of the island and declared himself independent of Columbus's authority. He was connected with the expedition of Fernández de Córdoba to Yucatán (1517) and in 1518 sent out an expedition under Juan de Grijalva, who explored the Mexican coast. Late in 1518 the Spanish king made Velázquez adelantado (civil and military governor) of Cuba and any territories that might be discovered under his orders. Hernán Cortés was placed in command of a third expedition that sailed in 1519 for the conquest of Mexico. Distrusting Cortés, Velázquez in 1520 sent Pánfilo de Narváez to compel his return to Cuba, but Narváez was defeated and the remainder of his forces joined Cortés. In 1521, Velázquez was replaced as governor of Cuba, but in 1523 he was restored to his post.

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Masson, Diego (b Tossa, Sp., 1935). Fr. conductor. Worked as perc. player in Paris in 1960s, particularly at Domaine Musical, and founded his ens. Musique Vivante in 1966. Took part in several Stockhausen f.ps. and recorded Boulez's Domaines. Mus. dir. Marseilles Opéra. London début 1971 (SW, The Nightingale with visiting co.). ENO début 1980 (La Damnation de Faust). Cond. f.ps. of Harper's Hedda Gabler (Scottish Opera 1985), and Saxton's Caritas (Wakefield, Opera North, 1991).

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Masson, Diego

Masson, Diego, French conductor; b. Tossa, Spain, June 21, 1935. He studied percussion, harmony, and chamber music at the Paris Cons. (1953–59), and also received training in fugue, counterpoint, and composition from Leibowitz (1955–59), in composition from Maderna (1964), and in conducting from Boulez (1965). In 1966 he founded the Musique Vivante, with which he gave numerous performances of contemporary music. He also was music director of the Marseilles Opera until 1982, and of the Ballet- Théatre Contemporain in Amiens (from 1968), which removed to Angers in 1972 under his direction as part of the Théatre-Musical d’Angers.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire